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Top Tips For Using Christmas Lights

Yes, Christmas is nearly here so it won’t be long ’til we’re heading in to the loft to get out our decorations, tree and emergency chairs.

However, this year there is no need to worry about fighting with the Christmas lights as our top tips will make it easy, stress free and safe; leaving you the envy of all your neighbours!


The most important thing to remember when decorating your house with lights is not to go over the top. You want it to look pretty and simple, not outdoing Santa’s grotto.

Before you start, choose a couple of main places you want the lights to be. We recommend:

  • One line running along the edge of the house
  • Draped over your trees or potted plants
  • Feature lights around or in the main window

Once you have chosen the places you are going to hang your lights, think about what colour lights you want. It looks best to use one colour for the house and then a different complimenting one for the trees.

Another must have decoration is a door wreath, as they give a traditional feel and look really nice. You can also add other decorations to the garden such as LED reindeer or snowmen.

Outdoor Christmas lights



Remember Christmas lights come with safety warnings, so make sure you avoid injury follow these points:

  • Check every bulb before installing, replacing any bulb that isn’t working.
  • Look for frayed wires – if any are frayed do not use and replace the complete set.
  • Read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Always check your lights are appropriate for outdoor use.
  • Make sure you have enough outlets for all the lights and that your extension cords are safe to use outdoors.
  • Always turn lights off before you go to bed.


Storing your lights correctly will make it easier when you come to use them again next year.

  • Always store lights in a dry place.
  • Wrap the lights up neatly so they don’t get tangled, this will avoid fraying.
  • If you can’t fit them back in their original packaging make sure you label them so you know what they are for next year.
  • Store each set of lights separate.

Now you should be prepared to tackle those Christmas lights with ease and have the best decorated house in the street!

Published November 19th, 2013 by Jordan. Article ref 1660

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