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Shopping online

To begin shopping select a Department from the left or a category from the Product Directory. Each product within a department or category links to a page of details and prices. To return to the main page at any time select the Home tab above or click the Birstall Garden & Leisure logo.

Search - to search the website for a particular product, enter a word or phrase into the Product Search box above.

To shop online - check the quantity of the product you would like to order, select any appropriate product options and click the Add to Basket button. Each time you add a product you will be taken directly to your basket where you can view the contents.

Your basket keeps track of the items you have selected and a summary of each purchase. Any item can be amended or removed from this page.

To continue browsing after viewing your basket, return to the last department you were visiting by clicking the Continue Shopping link, or select another category from the left.

The checkout is via a secure shopping screen which opens into a safe and friendly till area where online and mail order purchases can be processed and prepared for delivery. An e-mailed confirmation is sent immediately following each order.

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Security when purchasing online

Birstall Garden & Leisure maintains the highest levels of security when dealing with your order and payment online.

Our site's Checkout features the highest level of SSL encryption technology to transmit your order securely. This means that it is impossible for someone to intercept your details as they travel between your computer and the Birstall Garden & Leisure webserver.

You can validate that the Checkout is secure as follows:

  • The full web address of the Checkout will start with "https" rather than "http".
  • When you are within the Checkout page a small locked padlock or solid key will appear at the bottom of your web browser.
  • You can double click on the padlock or key which provides further security details as verified by the secure certificate authority, GeoTrust / Equifax. You can then manually check these credentials yourself.

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Becoming a Premier Shopper

When placing an order at the checkout you can opt to become a Premier Shopper. This is a totally free service provided by Birstall Garden & Leisure which offers the following benefits:

  • Monitor your order's status online and find out when your items are dispatched.
  • View your entire Birstall Garden & Leisure order history.
  • Saves your information for future use so you don't have to keep entering your details at the checkout (excluding credit card information for security reasons).

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Checking your order status or order history

To check the status of your order you must have either:

  1. Registered as a Premier Shopper when you placed the order (see section above).
  2. Previously have been registered as a Premier Shopper, and logged in prior to placng your order.

To check the status of your order or view your order history sign-in at the top of the page with your email address and password.

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Redeeming Gift Vouchers online

You can redeem Birstall Garden & Leisure Gift Vouchers against any purchase at either your basket or the checkout. Simply enter your 14 digit voucher code and click the "Apply Voucher" button to attach the voucher to your order.

You can apply more than one voucher to a single order, however, please note that we cannot give change or credit for one or more vouchers exceeding the total value of your order.

Birstall Garden & Leisure vouchers can also be redeemed on any of our associate websites.

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Unable to add items to your basket
Solution: Ensure you have cookies enabled in your web browser. This setting may be found in your browser's Internet Preferences, Internet Options, Security Settings or Privacy Settings.
Unable to sign-in to your Premier Shopper's account
Solution: Ensure you have cookies enabled in your web browser. This setting may be found in your browser's Internet Preferences, Internet Options, Security Settings or Privacy Settings.
Forgotten the password to your Premier Shopper's account
Solution: Reset your password here.
Unable to find a product that you want
Solution: Use the search facility at the top of the page, or call our sales office on 0800 085 0005.

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Further help

If you would like to order by telephone or talk to a member of staff about a product please call our friendly sales team on 0800 085 0005.

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