Gardener’s Diary

Gardener’s Diary – Top Tips for March 2019

Enjoy our monthly Gardener’s diary for some fantastic tips on how to keep your garden going through all of the seasons.

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Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs!

If you’re worried about planting your bulbs at the wrong time of year, not really sure what to do or you’re just looking for some advice, we have all the tips for you to get started.

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Gardener’s Diary – Top Tips for February 2019

Well didn’t January just fly by! I can’t quite believe we are in February already and next month it will be Spring… With the snow hitting all over and temperatures still pretty low, there still isn’t a great deal we can do outside. If there’s a dry sunny day and you feel like tackling the garden, here’s a few things you could be doing to prepare for the Spring…

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Gardener’s Diary – Top Tips for January 2019

It’s January – Christmas is over, the New Year has begun and outside it’s getting colder by the day. In some places, we may have even had a sprinkling of snow, so venturing out into our garden is not something we like to think about at this time of year.  Although there is not a lot we can do to our gardens in January, here are a couple of tips to help you through the beginning of Winter…

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Decorative Stoneware and ornaments

Lucas Stone offer  beautifully made,  garden statues and ornaments from reconstituted stone, adding a stylish touch to any garden, large or small. These unique individual designs are traditionally hand crafted. The hardiness of their construction enables outdoor display whatever the conditions.

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RHS Gloves for People serious about gardening

The Gold Leaf RHS Leather Garden Gloves, the ultimate range of performance gardening gloves. With 4 models to choose from and available in Gents and Ladies sizes. We stock every model and size here at Birstall, and have them on display for you to call and try them on.  Or shop online with FREE delivery. Multi pack value bundles for individual or family requirements, or TRADE Packs for commercial clients.

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Don’t Forget the Birds this Winter

With the weather turning colder and the days feeling like a long stretch of darkness it can be easy to forget about the wildlife around us.

Wildlife should flourish in winter just as much as it does in the summer. The red-breasted Robin is a symbol of winter-time after all! 

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How To Prune Conifers

trimming conifers

Conifers are a great addition to anybody’s garden, due to their natural beauty and simple maintenance steps. The main care which they need is in the first few years, as the planting stages are crucial to its future development. After this stage, conifers are not demanding in terms of care.

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Top 10 Vegetables To Grow Over Winter


It is important not to neglect your vegetable patches over the winter, many people have the opinion that garden care can only take place throughout Spring/Summer However, there are many vegetables which you can grow to ensure that you have the most perfect home-grown produce.

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Jobs For The Garden In September

vegetable patch

As September is an indicator that the summer is over, it is important to not forget about your jobs in the garden. You not only have to keep on top of the duties which you carried out throughout the summer, but it is important to prepare your garden for the upcoming season.

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