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Garden Office Home Studio – Double glazed with insulation available for that cosy private retreat in the garden.

Garden Offices need no longer to be converted cold wooden sheds, with draughty ill-fitting doors and condensation running down the windows panes. This generously proportioned Garden Office or Studio is based on our classic Victorian potting shed summerhouse design. Complete with double glazed toughened glass windows and double opening doors, with high security locks & snugg fitting draft excluders rebated into the frames.  So you can use your new garden office straight away, we have INCLUDED a fully fitted quality laminate floor (or you can upgrade this to a solid hardwood floor if you wish) we’ve pre-installed a full electrical package: Ceiling lighting with switch and 3 double power sockets.

The building is fully finished  at the factory with stunning high performance Teknos paint and decorated inside with the same. Practically any colour is available from our standard or custom pallette. We can even match any known paint finish from any manufacturer you may have already used, or scan something you wish to replicate, some existing window cills for example, your house paint, or a favourite garden seat.

All that is required, is a flat and level concrete or paving slab base of 3.5 x 2.5m (11ft 6″ x 8ft 2 1/2″) We can arrange this for you if you wish, of we do have a quick install “Foundation Pad System” which uses concrete pads, with heavy duty adjustable height floor carter supports, this is useful for areas where the found is not level. Please contact us for more details.

We describe the office building as 3.4 x 2.4m (11ft 2″ x 7ft 10 1/2″) as this is INTERNAL usable space.


We love the genuine lead sheet roofing, expertly installed by in-house craftsmen who meticulously tap each and every corner and joint to perfection by hand. An art know as “Bossing” where a wooden or PVC Bossing Stick is used.

hsp garden office lead bossing

You can leave the lead work to mellow to a weathered silver grey, which will happen naturally and quite quickly within a few weeks, or if you would rather it stay bright & shiny, we can apply a patination oil to retain the new look. “Weathered” is the easier, as you can forget about it, whereas an oiled roof will need re-oiling every year or so. Either option will last a lifetime and both are of course fully weather resistant.

Alternatives to the lead roof, are available. We need to use something flexible for it to hug the contours of the roof. So have a choice of faux lead options in a variety of colours, Grey, Red, and Black. This Gazebo has a “Perform” artificial lead roof, can you spot the difference? We also have the amazing “Rubber Slates” even inspected close up, you really can’t believe they are made from recycled car tyres! they’re perfect for this type of building, as they just flex enough to allow them to be fitted to a concave roof. This Lavenham Summerhouse as rubber roof slates  and looks a picture. If its a wooden look you are after, we also have the option of Cedar Roof Shingles, as shown here on the octagonal summerhouse.

Generally most customers have the inside finished the same colour as the outside, but we can decorate the internal walls & inside of the doors & windows with a 2nd colour. Its an additional process, but look at this stunning black interior where the customer has also laid ceramic tiles for the internal flooring, a chandelier, and heavy draped curtains.

HSP Garden Office Interior & Lighting

The standard Garden office / home studio has an internal – usable area of 8.16 square metres, about the size a medium living room or spare bedroom (87.83 square feet) Plenty or space for a comfortable working room with desk, storage cabinets and a comfortable seating area for meetings.

We’ve included 3 double power sockets, rebated in to the walls and ceiling lighting at the top of the roof inside, with a switch by the door. All you need to do is connect our single electrical feed tail to a suitable supply, all the cables & connections are hidden away from sight in the natural cavity of the walls, under the floor, and under the roofing material to the lighting – nothing is seen from the inside or out, making a really tidy finish.

HSP Garden Office Power Work & Flooring

The buildings have a cavity between the inner and outer walls, so offer natural insulation. However if you would like to use your office all year round with minimal heating costs, we’d highly recommend the additional insulation service. We cut & conceal genuine CELOTEX rigid wall insulation between the two walls at the factory,  like a sandwich, you wont see this, but will definately feel the difference. Its also fitted under the floor, and under a 2nd roof skin, so the building is fully lined, yet retains all the beauty of the exposed ceiling rafters. This service cost + £900 and will keep you warm in the Winter, and surprisingly cooler in the Summer, as the outside heat cannot radiate down from the roofing if positioned in full sun.

So you can get to work (or play) and use your new office (hide-away) straight away, on this exclusive model we’ve included a quality laminate flooring, with fitted skirting boards to give an easy clean, smart appearance. Alternatively we can supply a plywood floor for you to tile, paint, carpet or finish accordingly.

You can choose to have arched window traceries factory installed in the top of the windows to form an attractive summerhouse look, which we offer free of charge on this model, or retain the square clean lines of the doors & window glazing for a more modern look, the choice is yours.


Only the finest materials are used, including solid hardwood for the doors & windows, all with mortise and tenon joints. Solid brass for the hinges and handles all at no aditional cost, we offer the option of satin sliver handles too, again without surcharge. Hight security multipoint locking is fitted as standard on all opening doors.


The garden office is based on the design of our popular Potting Shed Summerhouse, with it’s sculptured exposed roof rafters, and flowing curved roof line. As standard for this size building the roof height (Excluding the finials) measures 3098mm. If you live in listed property, are intending to site the office close to the boundary of simply prefer the look of a lower pitch roof, we have a lower roof height model, where the ridge measures 2492mm which is perfect for the under 2.5m permitted planning guidelines.

Standard 3098mm (10ft 2″) Ridge Height Specification

Click to enlarge these plans to full screen


Reduced 2492mm (8ft 2″) Ridge Height Specification


Reduced height Chelsea in Customer’s garden (Under 2.5m Total Height)

We have three building on display here at Birstall in Leicestershire, a 3m Octagonal Lavenham, “D” Shaped Flat-Back design, which is a “Chelsea” at the back, with a “Lavenham” Half Octagonal front. A custom built rectangular summerhouse without a back, we use for one of our garden furniture showroom entrances. And a Huge bespoke structure, with glass lantern roof, coffee machine & w/c facilities. Please call and have a chat with Jordan on 0116 267 7091 for more details, or come over for a coffee and take a look at our display building, paint finish samples & available flooring options.

Prices, current special offers and options are all detailed here on our Garden Office Shopping Pages

Browse the complete HSP Summerhouses range. 

Published November 19th, 2013 by Jordan. Article ref 1625

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2 Responses to “Garden Office Home Studio – Double glazed with insulation available for that cosy private retreat in the garden.”

  1. Annie Burrill says:

    Interested in the hsp buildings, have you any ex displays at the moment, or the largest potting shed, with a concrete base, and insulated, how much will that cost please. We live in Dorking, Surrey, which may be a problem! If so maybe you could suggest another supplier a little nearer, many thanks Annie Burrill

  2. Jordan says:

    Good afternoon Annie – thank you for your message. Dorking, that’s fine – it’s not the distance that’s a problem – we simply have no ex display, refurbished or pre owned buildings available at all – we’ve a waiting list of 8 customers for these – and nothing on the horizon. If you’d be so kind as to email directly – I’ll send you more information – [email protected]

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