We have sledges to suit everyone! Come on .. Lets have some fun in the snow!!

The chilly weather has begun and winter is on the way! Get prepared to have some fun this season with our range of sledges, snowball makers and winter toys!

Traditional Davos Beech sledges.

The Classic Davos (Davoser Rodel) 110cm is the ultimate traditional wooden sledge. Perfect for one rider or this model will quite happily accommodate two people as the seating slats are 78cm long x 27cm wide, and tested to take 220kg.

The runners at 36cm wide overall are wider than the seat, making it very stable indeed. The 5 seat rails curve gently to form an ergonomic shape, and all the beech wood timber has chamfered edges making it splinter free for the kids & comfortable to hold on any section.

Then there the fun PVC sledges and flexible bottom-shaped seat pad! There’s no better way to enjoy the white stuff!

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Published November 23rd, 2017 by Jo. Article ref 4514

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