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It’s Snowing!

Winter is here, the snow is falling and you’re in need of a sledge!

You may have woken up this morning to sunshine and a light frost, but that’s only the beginning… All over the UK this week, we are in for a thick covering of snow, and some of you may already have it! So rather than snuggling up inside in the warm with a blanket and hot drink, get your coat and gloves on and go outside in the fresh winter air for some sledging!

We have a variety of different sledges available both in store and to order online for quick delivery.

Types of Sledges

  • The Davos – The classic 110cm traditional wooden sledge.
  • The Stingray – High quality PVC snow sledge.
  • The Barracuda – Snow luge toboggan with brakes.
  • The Snow Speed – Steerable sledge with brakes.
  • The Delta – Sturdy polypropylene PVC sledge.


The Davos Sledge

Way back in 1883, the first official sled race was held in a place called Davos in Switzerland, leading to the name of the traditional wooden sledge/toboggan. The German company called Gloco have been making high quality winter sports equipment with the finest materials since 1919. The Classic Davos is the ultimate traditional beech sledge. These are £59.99 with FREE delivery throughout mainland UK. How good is that?

  • Perfect for one rider, but can happily accommodate 2 people.
  • Seating slats are 78cm long & 27cm wide.
  • Tested to take 220kg. The runners are 36cm wide overall and wider than the seat, making it very stable.
  • Galvanised steel runners under the timber skids.
  • 110cm overall length with a curved, ergonomic seat.
  • PVC end covers at the front.

The Stingray Sledge


The ‘Stingray’ sledges are well a made, sturdy PVC toboggan. Great fun for all of the family as they are stable enough for the kids, but large enough for Mum and Dad to have a go – even 2 riders at a time. Strong yet flexible, these can be used laying down or sitting in the upright position. The perfect, easy sledge at a great price of £16.95.

  • Length 94cm and Width 70cm.
  • Single or double occupancy.
  • Available in Red, Blue and Pink.

The Snow Speed Sledge


This study PVC sledge will give the little ones, and Mum & Dad of course, a great time out in the snow with lots of fun! Being one of the more advanced PVC sledges, the Snow Speed is equipped with not only an easy grip wheel that controls the front ski runners, but also handbrakes – one left and one right. You can use these to make severe turns when racing with friends or pull them both up to break and come to a stop. The overall quality is superb! Well made and sturdy, priced at £69.99.

  • High quality PVC construction
  • Steering wheel to control 2 front skids & 2 brakes
  • Tuck away tow rope & handle included
  • Back rest built in to stop you from sliding off.
  • 101cm long and 56cm wide. Enough for up to 2 child riders or 1 adult.
  • Available in green, orange and blue.


The Delta & Barracuda



These 2 are our cheaper and more basic sledges, but just as high quality made as the others. The Delta is the go anywhere fun sledge, literally! High quality, lightweight, includes pull rope, suitable for both kiddies and adults and only £15.99! What more do you need for a day of fun in the snow?

The Barracuda snow luge comes with 2 handbrakes, one left and one right. You can use these for races with friends down the slopes, or to help the little ones slow down if you’re going a little too fast. Includes a front mounted pulley cord and there is a little back rest to stop you sliding off. At £10.99, what a bargain!

  • Both suitable for 1 rider, child or adult.
  • Both high quality PVC.
  • Delta – 93cm x 51cm. Includes pull rope.
  • Barracuda – 79cm x 40cm. Includes 2 brakes.


Other winter products available:

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Published January 31st, 2019 by Grace Brown. Article ref 5243

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