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Angus & Oink BBQ Rubs and Sauces

New in store! We have stocked up on the well loved Angus & Oink BBQ rubs and sauces. 

Angus & Oink – Where it all began

Angus & Oink started after the Founding crew lived and worked in the Americas, that’s South of the Tex-Mex border! Cooking has always been a consuming passion and especially grilling, soul food and wood fired BBQ in all its glory. It’s where the flavour is at. Discovering sauces & grilled meat combinations all over the continent changed their world and they hope to bring the same tantalising flavours to your taste buds!

Their sauces are an ideal accompaniment and core ingredient in delivering emerging street food trends at home. Luscious foods such as Texas BBQ brisket, smoked & Pulled Pork, Cajun seafood classics, West Indian curries & snacks and Mexican Epic Tacos are all within reach.

Angus and Oink represent a passion for BBQ and authenticity, the team focus on delivering a distinct flavour using fiendishly researched ingredients and tasty chillies. They don’t use thickeners, preservatives, colouring and stuff you really don’t need to eat. With other variants in the lab, they’re on a mission to give you an experience unrivalled, a taste of goodness; journey into the new world! 

Angus & Oink -The Science & Sourcing Flavours

At A&O, they have been involved with BBQ as a business for the last 2-3 years and make some wicked BBQ rubs, but they have been avid BBQ’ers for over 20 years. They lived and worked in South America from cattle crazed Argentina to the spicy life of Mexico and most places in between, including a lot of time in Texas and Louisiana.

From their roots in these Southern American lands, they came back to roost in Scotland and started Angus & Oink. They started producing hot sauce that they had encountered around Latin America and the US, but quickly realised that authentic seasonings and barbecue rubs were hard to come by in the UK. 

It’s easy to make a BBQ rub. Salt, sugar, aromatics are the basis. The balance of flavour is important whether you are cooking at home for friends and family, or even competing with expensive cuts of meat to win a competition. Selecting the right ingredients is key. At A&O, they stock 8 different kinds of sugars and 6 different salts where they consider the burning point, the dissolution rate, the particle size and the chain reaction of the rub as it is applied to the meat and during the cook. 

They have worked with one of the UK’s top spice importers since they began their seasoning journey and it is mind blowing to see the differences between shop bought cumin for example, and cumin that is freshly ground. The same goes for any spice or aromatic ingredient. Natural oils are prone to evaporation even when packaged so their supply chain delivers the freshest possible ingredients for the blending process. The uplift in flavour a fresh spice gives compared to inferior, older spices is a game changer. 

Angus & Oink -BBQ Rub Design 

When they are designing a rub for BBQ, and especially competition BBQ we focus on the end result. Their range of Meat Co Lab BBQ Rubs products provide the building blocks for layering rubs. From Porky White Chick with its savoury & chipotle heat balance to Sweet Bones & Butts with its colour and layered sugars.

When you look at a rib for example, you want the rib to be beautifully coloured, have ample bark, perhaps a little heat. Chicken for example, a little sweetness, colour, maybe just a hint of heat. Beef ribs, depth of beefiness, savoury, little sweetness or a depth of sweet from darker sugars. Different meats take different levels of salt too. They aim to bring the building blocks so BBQ cooks can layer and build their own flavour profiles with their rubs.

The rubs need to have flow, an easy mistake to make is to use too many powdered ingredients. You don’t want large pieces of twig, onion, pepper on a competitive cook – although on a more rustic home cook, these can be little nuggets of flavour. 

The rub should spread easily providing an even coat, it’s the basis of your bark. It should absorb into the meat as easily as possible and this is where some science comes into play. The triggered reactions of the layered sugars and salts should allow the moisture of the meat to soak the rub up. The first layer ideally soaking in within 15 minutes. If you ever try and cook a rack of ribs or chicken with rub not soaked in before you put it in the cooker vs allowing the rub to permeate, you will see and feel the difference.

Angus & Oink – Rubs & Seasonings

At Birstall Garden & Leisure, we have a wide range of the Angus & Oink rubs and sauces available. We have been using them ourselves for over a year now and have regular customers topping up on their barbecue favourites. As they have such a huge variety, we have a selection of their fantastic flavours, new rubs we haven’t tried before and we can’t wait to see how they go down. (Like a treat I’m sure) Here’s an insight into the world of barbecue sauces, rubs and seasonings.

Shawarma Seasoning – Lebanese Kebab

We give you Shawarma. The story behind this Shawarma seasoning is simple. The Angus & Oink creators lived in the Middle East for two years drilling for oil, but as they were exploring the back streets and markets, they uncovered the local delicacies. Shawarma! Like a burrito, it’s a wrap snack, light lunch or late night treat. Grilled chicken or lamb usually served inside a flat bread, but accompanied by chips, a little salad and a drizzle of garlic sauce and hot sauce. Shawarma seasoning is full of Middle Eastern promise. Spices from India, North Africa and Europe collide head on to create tonguetastic flavours. Use this one on lamb and slow cook it for pulling, whack into a flat bread with the above ingredients and you have yourself a Shawarma. Grill lamb chops or lamb shoulder kebabs and smell the air around you thick with fragrance.

Sweet Bones & Butts BBQ Rub

Angus & Oink worked on this monumental rub for a year, sourcing ingredients, balancing flavour with colour and sweetness. A blend of the the finest sugars found on Earth, we have Maple Sugar and Javanese dark richness mixed up in a rub that delivers what those bones need. Sweet Bones & Butts “A formidable force”, provides maximum colour and sweetness with rich, complex sugars. Paprika, chilli, nutmeg, garlic and turmeric are amongst some of the tasty spices at the heart of this rub. Best used on chicken and pork. 

The General – Tex Mex BBQ Dust

An original. The General is a blend of spices, chillies, salt and sugar which add deep southern flavours to this Tex Mexican bandit. A smoking hot dust with the pungent aroma of the Mexican border. Inspired by barbecues, grilling and slow cooking. Lovingly mix a plentiful quantity of rub (approx 5-10% by weight) with oil to form a paste. Rub me into your meat or vegetables to coat and soak up the flavour. Great with beef, lamb and chicken or fajitas!

Moo Mami Grilling Powder

A blend of spices, herbs, chillies, salts and umami forms the Moo Mami beef grilling powder. Inspired by great steaks and radical brisket cooks, from flame to deep smoke. We have loaded this with mega flavour to bring out the best in beef while building a monumental crust or bark. Umami depth comes from soy, seaweed and mushroom while chipotle, ancho and mulato chillies give a great balance of heat. Various levels of sugars help absorb the rubs into the meat. Pineapple powder has been added to help tenderness.

Honey Chilli Seasoning

Honey Chilli Seasoning was inspired by sweet and sticky Chinese Honey Chilli Chicken that we wanted to recreate at home and on the BBQ. Works great on pork or chicken thighs and wings. Use the vortex on the BBQ for epic crispy chicken. This can be used for BBQ, smoking and oven cooking. Glaze with extra honey for the ultimate sticky finger lickin’ wings! Apply an even coating, use at approximately 3-5% meat weight.

Feather Duster Rub

This product was developed with only one thing in mind. Savoury flavour boosting colour madness and the Umami master. Umami (from Japanese) or savoury taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness). It has been described as savoury and is characteristic of broths and cooked meats. With flavours of Paprika, Orange, Lemon and Chipotle, Feather Duster is sweet with a little heat and perfect for all your feathered friends, pork and ribs.

Piri-Piri Seasoning Frango Pimiento

This Piri Piri seasoning was developed with inspiration from our time in Brazil, with spicy grilled chicken and Portuguese heritage food. Use the product to marinade meat, fish, shrimp or vegetables for grilling, roasting or slow cooking. Apply an even coating, use at approx 4-6% meat weight. Apply rub to moist meat surface at least 1 hour prior to cooking and allow to soak in, Use olive oil and lime juice in a zip lock bag. Great on a spatch-cock chicken slowly grilled over charcoal and spritzed with citrus.

Garlic Butter Seasoning – It’s the Future!

Until you have experienced this rubbed all over a spinning rotisserie chicken and dipped that moist chicken meat into the juices, you have not lived in buttery heaven! Buttery garlic and herb powers a superbly balanced rub for anything and anyone that likes Garlic Butter. Think chicken Kiev filling. Think garlic bread! Insane on white fish, chicken wings or whole chickens and turkey. Garlic butter on steaks at the end is amazing. This would be the ultimate on your Christmas Bird or on roast potatoes. Yum! Add this rub to meat surface with a coating of olive or rapeseed oil and allow to soak in before cooking. Apply an even coating, use at approx 3-5% meat weight. Cook in oven or indirect on the BBQ for the best results. The ultimate bird bronzer. 

Cuban Seasoning 

The Cuban Seasoning was developed with inspiration from the movie ‘Chef’ and from a trip to Cuba. Layers of fresh citrus, balanced with deeper cumin, smoked paprika and a deep chilli hit. This smoky seasoning is great on Chicken, Seafood, Pork & Vegetables. Apply the Cuban Seasoning to a moist surface at least 1 hour prior to cooking and allow to soak in, it can also be fixed with olive oil and citrus to form a paste. Apply an even coating, use at approx 3-5% meat weight. Add to roasted pork and then cook and slice for Cubano sandwiches with cheese, pickle, ham and mustard. 

Pigasus BBQ Rub & Seasoning

This is the one rub to rule them all. Bacon, Honey and Jalapeño. What’s not to like?! Used by Tony Northover of Cockney Q at several competitions on ribs, only in proto-type form, and still won over the judges! Try it once and this will be all over your pig, chicken, chops and chips. We use Pigasus with Sweet Bones & Butts for the maximum in colour, sweetness and balanced heat. The Jalapeño cooks out well leaving a warmth and background flavour of savoury, salty bacon. Bacon makes everything better. 

Irn Bru BBQ Rub – Full Fat No Nonsense

You can take our Freedom but you’ll never take our Irn Bru. We thought we’d give the Scottish national drink a go with flavoured BBQ powder and came up with this game changing rub. Layers of sweetness sparkle on the tongue almost like a fizzy drink. This gives ribs and chicken an insane colour and balance with honey powder, a light coating of chipotle powder and BAM you are eating sweet honey chipotle Irn Bru flavoured wings, ribs and chicken thighs! 

Seafood Seasoning

Sofishticated Lemon pepper… see what they did there? This rub was developed to max your seafood with delicious lemon and citrus notes, combined with complex herbs and rare pink pepper corns from Brazil. A truly complex rub that delivers on many levels. Works with everything from Salmon to mackerel and shrimp. Beautiful when made into a compound butter and melted over fish fillets. Add a shake of Seafood Seasoning to the inside of a whole fish or use through spaghetti with shrimp and clams to make the most beautiful Mediterranean dish! 

Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub

This Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub was developed to deliver maximum crust and super bark power for Brisket & Beef Ribs in a low & slow cooking environment. Dirty Cow Beef BBQ Rub has ultimate umami impact using both natural and super natural flavour force enhancers. We grind fresh coffee beans to the ideal powder size for rub flow and balance this with deep mahogany Javanese sugar, the best you can get. An obvious peppery finish with black pepper, white pepper and hit of chipotle. You will achieve a spicy crust married with the pronounced bark. Colour is important on the finished beef joint, so we added smoked paprika, nutmeg and soy sauce powder for ultimate mouth watering appeal. 

Mr Rubba Rubba Seasoning

Deep South Cajun Dust – A blend of spices, salt and sugar to add bombastic, jazzy flavours from the deep south with creole influences, inspired by barbecue, grill and slow cooking. Great with pork, chicken, fish and shrimp. Lovingly mix a plentiful quantity of rub (approx 5-10% by weight) with oil to form a paste. Rub Mr Rubba Rubba into your meat or vegetables to marinade all night long for the best results.


Mexican Seasoning – Juan More Rub

This Mexican Seasoning is deep, dark and furious. Rich in eclectic Mexican flavours, punches hard with lime, chipotle and ancho chilli. Smooth with cumin and oregano and sweet with tomato and orange. Cover your chicken in this powder and roast for shredding into tacos, add a squirt of lime juice and fresh salad. Also great for roast pork shoulder with a splash of orange juice and tomato for a Mexican stew. Use to marinate meat, fish, shrimp or vegetables for grilling, roasting or slow cooking. Make a paste with olive oil and lemon juice and lather it on to your chosen moist meat. 


Angus & Oink – Sauces

  • Baby Pangang – Indonesian BBQ Sauce. A sauce created for Roast Pork from great ingredients, oriental flavours including Black Beans and Star Anise. This is an epic BBQ sauce which is great with Pork, Fish, Rice & Noodles. 
  • Dirty Barbie BBQ Sauce. A formidable BBQ Sauce for Beef and Pork, this is a cheeky little Espresso X Bourbon number. Smear or paint on Beef or Pork for deep and maximum mouth appeal. Apply at the end of cooking. 
  • Red House Kansas City BBQ Sauce. The ultimate rib and chicken glaze! With our take on the Kansas City classic tomato based sweet an’ sticky BBQ Sauce! Use it for ribdiculous results on your grill. 
  • Red Dawg Apache Red pepper sauce. This is a red sauce of old time BBQ, used to smother pulled or chopped pork. Great with any sausage, brisket or ribs. It’s like a deeper, thicker Louisiana style sauce, peppered with red habarneros, deeply flavoured with herbs and spices. Ideal with sausage, fish, slow cooked meats, pastrami and slaw. 
  • Rampant Angus – “Signature Scotch Bonnet Ketchup” This is where it all started. An all purpose hot and sweet, mustardy sauce. Amazing with sausages, on burgers or in a cheese sandwich.

Available in store now and all rubs available online to purchase for delivery all over the UK. If you are an avid barbecuer, griller and food lover, you must try these amazing rubs and sauces to get the most out of cooking. The majority of their rubs are Gluten Free and Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans. You don’t always have to use these on meat! Keep an eye out for new recipes straight from the masters themselves. Follow our Instagram for more foodie goodness! 

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