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Throwing a BBQ in Winter

With the leaves beginning to fall off the trees and the cold weather about to set in, many of us are remembering the best summer we have had in over 6 years. A summer filled with fun, sunshine and happiness and not forgetting the all-important BBQ’s. Many of us really fell in love with BBQs this year and we personally saw BBQ sales rocket, it is of no great surprise to learn that many of us are promising to carry on cooking outdoors over the colder months.

If you want a tough BBQ to last over winter, a Charcoal grill is definitely the product for you. These charcoal grills also deliver brilliant results, every time you fire them up. We have found the Weber Charcoal Barbecue kettle, is one of the toughest BBQ’s on the market. The BBQ itself is constructed through a aluminised steel one- touch cleaning system, a non-rust aluminium vent and ash catcher, a porcelain enamelled bowl and lid, 2 re enforced handles and crack proof all weather wheels.  This BBQ also comes with a limited ten year warranty.



When your BBQ is not in use during spells of bad weather, it is good practice to bring your BBQ indoors. We realise that this isn’t always an option, so a Weber BBQ cover is the ideal choice for protecting your BBQ from the elements when not in use.


It is one thing looking after your equipment, what about looking after the people you are cooking for?! Cold guests will be unhappy guests! A nice way to keep warm during the winter months is with the Gardeco Fire Bowl Furniture. The Armande Fire Bowl table and chairs have a central coffee table height fire bowl with BBQ grill and ring cover. The table itself is made out of cast aluminium and is painted with heat resistant paint. The comfortable arm chairs are also made of cast aluminium with a decorative seat and back, the set also comes with shower resistant cushions.

The range of heated furniture available doesn’t stop there; we are the creator & manufacturer the revolutionary CozyTable range. CozyTable itself is the result of two years of research and development. Cool air is taken up through the bottom of the table and warm air is then expelled gently through vents underneath the table top. Leaving you to eat at a comfortable temperature, all year round.


If you are happy with your existing furniture, we also have in stock a number of traditional choices for keeping warm outside, a top of the range patio heater is a strong contender. For the traditionalist, why not choose a fire bowl? These make great features to any garden and throw out an impressive amount of heat!


Fire bowl


With winter BBQ’ing you are going to need a reliable means of getting your BBQ started, when the wind is blowing, matches may simply not be good enough! The Weber soft touch Gas Lighter is the ideal choice, designed with your fingers in mind it even has a soft touch finish ensuring it doesn’t slip out of your hands on even the wettest days!

Last but not least, we recommend steak burgers with cheese melted on top of them during the last few minutes of cooking for them cold winter days!

Published September 3rd, 2013 by Jordan. Article ref 828

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