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National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week aims to get everyone involved in gardening whether it be an on going hobby or your first time!

National Gardening Week

The Royal Horticultural Society first started National Gardening Week 3 years ago and it has since become the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. There is plenty to do whether you want to Get Involved¬†or do Something Fun With The Family!

National Gardening Week 2

There are many things you can do to improve your outdoor space no matter what size garden you have! Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started:

Edible Flowers

Flowers add colour, flavour and texture to many dishes and can also be used to flavour water in the summer and be added to oils and butters. There are many annuals and perennial flowers that are edible that can be grown from early spring to late autumn – we have a wide range of Seeds available.

Top Tips To Remember:

  • Accurate identification of flowers is essential – if you are in doubt, don’t eat
  • Avoid old, faded or dusty flowers
  • People susceptible to allergies, especially pollen, should not eat flowers
  • Beware of bees and small insects, flowers should be washed before eaten

Edible Flower Salad

Gardening for Butterflies

If you are wanting a Butterfly friendly garden, it is important to choose plants with open, single blooms so that the butterflies can reach the nectar. Plants with double blooms like Roses, Primrose etc are no good for butterflies or bees.

It is not only important to create a garden for butterflies but also one where you can encourage the Caterpillar larvae as well.

Butterfly Lavender

Put in a pond

You can build a pond any time of year and it can be any size to suit your available space. A pond is one of the best features a garden can have if they want to attract wildlife. You will see a huge difference in a short space of time to the amount of different species you will find including birds, amphibians, insects and mammals.

A pond is not only great for attracting wildlife and keeping fish, you can also introduce some wonderful plant species that your garden would otherwise miss out on. We stock a full range of Marginals and Pond Lillie’s throughout the season with fresh weekly deliveries of plants and pond fish.

We have a large range of Aquatic Products including Liners, Pumps, Filters, Treatments, Features, Plants and Fish.


Come down to our Garden Centre in Birstall, Leicester or speak to our friendly team for more information and advice.

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