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Lead Roof Summerhouses and Garden Rooms

Classic Summerhouse designed & manufactured in the UK with magnificent genuine Lead sheet roofing. We can create your perfect garden room to any size | shape | colour. And customise the design to suit your requirements, whether it be a Summerhouse | Garden Office | Studio | Games Room | Pool House or Quiet Retreat.

The Bothy

An old Scottish word used to describe a shelter for gardeners on highland estates, we have recreated a small square structure with a swept Cathedral style roof, perfect for a cozy garden hide-away

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The Potting Shed

A freestanding rectangular design, manufactured to the same high specifications of our Summerhouse & Garden Rooms, the “Potting Shed” can be used as a garden store, or will happily serve as a small Summerhouse, with double glazed front, and solid sides and back. We can of course add side glazed panels (Creating a Chelsea) or a small “Peephole” side window (Creating a Bothy)

The Holhham

Hexagonal by design, the Holkham is a well lit & ventilated building, with six sides and beautiful proportions. Available in 2 sizes, a small & cosy 1.9m version and a larger 2.4m. Both feature 3 pairs of double French doors, and 3 solid panels as standard. And a no cost option of the pointed “Cathedral” or glorious “Bell” style roof.

Bell Roof Holkham Summerhouse 1.9m

The Lavenham

Octagonal design, with 8 symmetrical walls. Ordinarily 3 pairs of double French doors, 2 fixed glazed 6-pane walls & 3 solid walls, placed as you wish, or manufactured with more | less glazing.

The Debenham

A cavernous 10 sided decagon shape Summerhouse, utilising the same doors, glazing & panels as the Octagonal 3m Lavenham, the Debenham at 3.8m (Internal) across the flat edges, is a glorious structure. Available with a Bell or Cathedral style roof

The Chelsea

Our core range of freestanding rectangular buildings, the Chelsea is adaptable to suit any design brief, With unlimited design possibilities, we can manufacture doors & windows wherever you wish, finish in any colour. Double glazed as standard, and with optional concealed thermal insulation, the Chelsea is truly an all year round usable Garden Room

The ChelStow

We created the ChelStow for customers who preferred the bay fronted look and proportions of a Lavenham Octagonal building, but with an easier to furnish Square sided back, this unique “D” shape design with its flat-back is ideal for placing larger sofas and office desks in the rear half of the building that would not be accommodated in the round / octagonal buildings.


The Stow

An elongated Octagonal range of Garden Rooms, with “stretched” front and rear straight panels allowing for easier furnishing and placements of desks in an office configuration. Total flexibility of design, where we can customise the doors, glazing & solid wall combination to suit your requirements. Supplied with 3 pairs or double French doors, or bi-folding wide opening doors where measurements permit.

The Braemar

Similar in rectangular footprint to the Chelsea range, the Braemar has an Edwardian feel, with a ventilated top box in the roof, where incorporated down-lighting can be installed.

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Unlike most framed & clad garden buildings on the market, we manufacture our buildings using a unique Post & Panel system, with a cavity between the inner & outer wall “Skins” which produces a refined look like no other, the cavity can be factory fit with thermal insulation & hide all the socket & lighting cables, resulting in a best in class level of finish.

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Bespoke Structures

Established in 1969 – Birstall Garden & Leisure have over 50 years experience in supplying Garden Buildings for discerning Private and Commercial clients, and have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects.

Birstall Bespoke Garden Buildings

For more details please call Birstall Garden & Leisure on 0800 085 0005 or email [email protected]

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Dimensions Explained

We’re often asked to detail & show the exact measurement of our Garden Rooms.
A 3.2 x 24.m Chelsea for example is referred to as 3.2 x 2.4m
This is the Nominal “Internal Usable Space” 3200 x 2400mm

This building would ideally require a 3300 x 2500mm Concrete Base (or paving slab base) +100mm larger than the Nominal (Internal size)

The hardwood sills, then overhang the base and our pressure treated Sub-b fame & Damp-Proof-course by 48mm on each edge, and feature a drip-gap, under the Sills. We would highly recommend incorporating a 200mm French Drain / Gravel Trap in addition to your base measurements, this will form an area for rainwater to soak away, and stop any splash-back up onto the walls of the building.

For bespoke structures we’re happy to work with any given measurements, Internal or overall. Typically this is the formula:

Concrete Bases should be the Building’s Nominal (Internal) Size + 100mm
Our sills overhang the base by 48mm each side, making the footprint at ground level Nominal + 96mm
The roof overhangs are +168mm over the base edges, each side, making the overall building size, including roof overhangs Nominal +436mm as shown below.

We supply detailed building and base plans to accompany each structure, and can help you create the perfect base in advance, and liaise with your builders.

Some being a bit more complicated than others..

Here’s a few examples of well prepared bases..

Resulting in a stunning final result, with this 3 x 3m Special Commission Garden Office in London

If the site cannot for whatever reason, accommodate a concrete base, where tree roots need to be protected or logistics for materials is difficult, we offer a “Foundation Pad System” a known building technique – where pre-cast concrete pads are laid in a calculated arrangement, which support a bespoke timber framework, with adjustable steel threaded feet. This creates a sturdy raised platform, ready for the building.


Foundation Pad System bases are ideal for customers who plan to landscape the area after the Summerhouse has been installed, or final levels have yet to be decided.

Chelsea on a foundation pad system base

Stow on a foundation pad system base

The system works with extreme variations in level too..

And in remote locations..

For more details please call Birstall Garden & Leisure on 0800 085 0005 or email [email protected]

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Roof Material Options

Our signature roofing material is Lead, Genuine lead sheet. Which hugs the contours of either our pointed “Cathedral” or “Bell” roof designs. The mellow tones compliment traditional and contemporary environments & weather to a beautiful patina.  Optional Cedar shingles or “Tapco” synthetic slates are also available

Flooring Options

Supplied as standard with a sturdy Plywood floor, leaving your building ready to use is included in our pricing. Which you can then tile, laminate, carpet, paint or leave as is if you wish, the plywood is perfectly usable from day 1. Or upgrade to a choice of 18mm Hardwood flooring, which we supply fit over the standard ply is a handsome addition, Solid OAK or BAMBOO which is gorgeous & tolerant o moisture should you happen to leave the doors open & it rains. We have display buildings showing both type of flooring here at Birstall.

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