Kamado Joe Grills 101 – Getting Started Videos Guide

Great kamado cooking begins with a solid foundation..

Learn how to master the fundamental elements of fire, smoke, distance and surfaces to dial in control of your grill – and control of incredible flavor.

If you’ve just taken delivery of your new Grill, congratulations & welcome to Club Kamado Joe.. 
Please take a few minutes to enjoy these how to.. videos. Where we’ll show you Initial unboxing & assembly + how to light & control the temperature. 
If you’re considering a new Kamado Grill, take a look too, call us for a chat 0116 267 7091 or come along to Birstall Garden & Leisure – Leicestershire, where can show you all the latest models, accessories & usually have one up & running for lunch..

Kamado Joe Unboxing & Assembly Guide


How to light your Kamado Joe grill

1st things 1st, great flavour comes from great charcoal, use Kamado Joe BIG BLOCK CHARCOAL – a hand crafted blend of Argentinian hardwood – we’ll show you how…

The fundamentals: Fire

Temperature control

Cooling down your Kamado Joe grill

The Fundamentals – FIRE – Kamado Joe

The Fundamentals – SMOKE – Kamado Joe

The Fundamentals – DISTANCE – Kamado Joe

The Fundamentals – SURFACES – Kamado Joe

The Techniques – GRILLING – Kamado Joe

The Techniques – SEARING – Kamado Joe

The Techniques – SMOKING – Kamado Joe

The Techniques – BAKING & ROASTING – Kamado Joe

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