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Christmas Dinner Cooked On Your BBQ!

It is soon time to start thinking about your Christmas dinner, what meat you are going to serve, whether you are going to go traditional with a Turkey or less traditional with a Duck or Pork joint … but I bet you haven’t thought about cooking it using your BBQ?

Most Brits will already have their barbecue covered and stored for the winter with no intention of getting it out before the warmth of summer, however – more and more people are braving the cold each year to cook the best Christmas dinner they have ever tasted! If done right, cooking on the BBQ produces the most melt-in-the-mouth meat ever!

It is so simple – You don’t need a fancy BBQ, just one that is big enough to hold your chosen meat (plus any extras you may want to barbecue) and a lid to keep in the heat. It is up to you if you want to cook part or all of your dinner on the barbecue but many cook the meat with a few potatoes and vegetables in the drip tray for a lovely roasted mix. By cooking part of your Xmas dinner on the BBQ, you are freeing up kitchen and oven space for other things – this is particularly good with the extra food required when having extra guests.


Recommended Tools & Accessories:

Weber Complete Barbecue Cookbook

Weber Digital Talking Thermometer / Weber Digital Pocket Thermometer

Weber Sauce Boat & Basting Brush

Weber Roast Holder (for pork or beef joints)

Weber Premium BBQ Gloves

Weber Poultry Roaster (for chicken or duck)

Weber Drip Pans

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Frequently asked questions & tips:

Any recommendations on how to get good crackling on pork?

First score the rind and pour boiling water over the top – this will render some of the fat out. Then add your oil, salt and any seasoning your may want to use and cook using the in-direct cooking method.

*Tip: Make sure a drip pan is underneath to catch the fat. You could even add roast potatoes in this.

What is the best way to do corn on the cob on my barbecue?

Rub some butter and seasoning on the corn and wrap in foil or leave in the husk. Cook using the in-direct cooking method for approx. 20 mins, then remove the foil or husk and barbecue evenly on the direct heat.

What’s the difference between direct and in-direct cooking?

Direct cooking is simply grilling foods directly over the heat source. For In-direct cooking the heat source is placed to the side of the food, not directly under it.

*Tip: A general rule is food that takes less than 25 minutes to cook, like boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, and steaks are barbecued by the ‘Grill’ or Direct Method. Foods that require longer cooking times at lower temperatures, like whole chicken and roasts, should be barbecued by the ‘Roast’ or In-direct Method.

What’s the best way to cook my Christmas Turkey on a charcoal Weber?

Cook your turkey on the barbecue for the same time as you would do in a fan-assisted oven, if it’s a large bird (takes over 4 hours) then it is best to add a few more Weber briquettes at around the 2 hour mark in order to keep the temperature even. We would also recommend investing in a meat thermometer to ensure the food is cooked through!

What type of dish should I use to cook a Turkey on my barbecue?

The large heavy duty foil trays sold for turkey roasts at all the supermarkets would do. They are better than the typical metal trays as they don’t distort on the grill, so you can use these when roasting in-direct on your barbecue. Roast as you usually would with seasonings, stock and root veg.

Alternatively, if you can’t find a suitable foil tray and are cooking on a 57cm kettle, you can cook directly on the cooking grate with a drip tray underneath to catch the juices.


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