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Barlow Tyrie Frequently Asked Questions & Care Videos

For help and guidance regarding Barlow Tyrie Garden Furniture, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you are an existing customer, or have any pre-purchase queries no matter how small or detailed, we are here to help.

Please call 0800 085 0005 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team

Which materials does Barlow Tyrie use ?

We combine the highest quality materials, with superior craftsmanship and design to produce our furniture, resulting in worldwide recognition of our brand as representing the best in outdoor furniture. To our renowned range of the highest grade teak furniture we have combined: stainless steel with Textilene® and cord, powder-coated aluminium and synthetic woven materials, to produce contemporary designs to the same high standard.

What is the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) ?

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international, non-profit association whose members include environmental, social groups, progressive forestry and timber related companies who are working together in order to improve forest management worldwide. The trademark of the FSC® on a product indicates that the wood used to make it comes from a source that has been certified by the FSC® as being well managed and meeting the environmental, social and economic standards that have been set by the FSC®. The FSC® certificate is only granted to organisations following an annual audit to confirm their compliance with FSC® standards. Our audit is performed by an FSC® accredited Certification Body partner of the Rainforest Alliance and our Chain of Custody code is NC – COC – 014404. Trademark licence code (FSC – C007974).

What is the teak weathering process ?

Over a period of time in an outdoor environment teak will weather to a beautiful silver grey. The length of time this takes will vary with exposure to different climatic conditions. (See our images to compare how the weathering turns the new teak to a beautiful silvery-grey.)

Weathered Teak

Why do occasional cracks appear on my furniture ?

Teak is a natural material and as such fine cracks in the end grain of components, e.g. legs and arms, may appear and then disappear with variations in the weather and the consequent change in the moisture content of the wood. Such fine cracks are normal, especially in heavier components, and will not affect the life or serviceability of your furniture.

Do I need to store my furniture during the winter ?

No, Barlow Tyrie teak furniture can be left outdoors, uncovered, all year round. If you choose to cover your furniture outdoors during the winter you should use a material that allows the wood to breathe.

What are the properties of teak ?

Teak is a deciduous hardwood tree from managed plantations, it does not come from tropical rainforests. Teak has a naturally high oil content which makes it both stable and resistant to rotting when exposed to climatic extremes.
For centuries these special qualities have made teak the preferred choice for marine decking and construction, hence it is considered the premium timber for outdoor furniture. Teak wood will naturally weather from golden brown to a silver grey colour.

We recommend the following range of our Barlow Tyrie products to care for and maintain your Teak furniture.

Barlow Tyrie Furniture Care Products

Barlow Tyrie Furniture Care Products


  • Teak Cleaner (4TC) – will quickly remove accumulated dirt.
  • Teak Colour Guard (4TCG) – will maintain the golden brown colour of new teak by using UV inhibitors to prevent the natural greying process and pigment enhancers to help maintain the natural colour of teak. 
  • Teak Stain Guard (4TSG) – forms an invisible layer to protect your teak from everyday stains such as butter, oil and red wine, making the cleaning of accidental spills an easy task.

Do I need to oil my teak furniture ?

Treating with teak oil or other preservatives is not necessary, it will not extend the life of your furniture and is purely cosmetic. We do not recommend oiling your furniture, as often the application traps in dirt, dust and organic matter which often results in unsightly black staining – please avoid “Teak Oil” you can call us on 0800 085 0005 to discuss Teak care & maintenance – we’d be more than happy to recommend the best practices.

Will the metal fittings on my furniture last as long as the teak ?

We only use the best marine quality solid brass and Stainless Steel on our furniture. Neither of these will rust nor deteriorate with age. Do I need to use a base if I am locating a parasol through a dining table ? Yes, all parasols must be located in the recommended parasol base for safety reasons. We supply our standard parasol base for when you wish to use a parasol through a dining table, a free standing base is available for use without a table. Standard parasol plates are available for when a parasol is required for the Equinox pedestal tables.

Can we use any of your chairs with any of your tables ?

Our dining chairs and tables are made to a standard that gives the correct distance between the seat and the table top, which ensures you are comfortable when eating. You can confidently purchase any of our chairs with any of our tables depending on your design preference and the number of people you wish to seat. The range of Deep Seating or Lounge Furniture is set at a lower more comfortable reclined position, deep seating chairs are not intended to be used with dining tables, we have a large selection of lower occasional tables for use with these ranges, do call 0800 085 0005 if you are unsure or any combinations.

Stainless Steel
What are the properties of stainless steel ?

We use two grades of stainless steel: .316 Grade, commonly known as ‘marine grade’ and .304 Grade, the most commonly used for garden furniture. .316 and .304 Grades are both suitable for use in inland locations, but .316 Grade is suited for most coastal areas and marine environments. 304 and .316 Grade should not be used in heavily
chlorinated indoor environments. If you have any questions or concerns about which grade is best suited for your area, please contact 0800 085 0005  We recommend the following Barlow Tyrie product to care for and maintain
your Stainless steel furniture.

  • Stainless Steel Clean & Guard (4SSCG) – Cleans stainless steel and leaves a fine layer of Teflon on the surface to help prevent the build up of contaminants.

What are the properties of aluminium ?

Aluminium is lightweight and for this reason, we have included it in our range. The aluminium we use is ‘virgin’ aluminium’, meaning it is not reclaimed from scrap, making it stronger and longer lasting. We powder-coat the aluminium to prevent oxidation and ensure it gives long service. We recommend the following Barlow Tyrie product to care for and maintain your Aluminium furniture.

  • Powder-Coated Aluminium Cleaner (4AC) – Easily removes dirt, grease, oil, pollutants and mould.

What are the properties of synthetic weave ?

Our synthetic material is colour fast, exceptionally strong and completely resistant to sun and rain and requires the minimum of maintenance. For our woven/wicker furniture to ensure it gives long service, we recommend the following Barlow Tyrie product to care for and maintain your Woven furniture.

  • Textilene® & Woven Non Foam Cleaner (4WTC) – Easily to use non-foam cleaner that maintains woven furniture and Textilene® without unsightly residue remaining after the cleaning process.




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