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Alton Evolution Cedar Greenhouses, A New Concept Combining Traditional Materials With A Modern Twist..

Every Alton Evolution greenhouse is crafted by experienced joiners in Alton’s own UK factory.  Each piece of Cedar is machined in-house in our fully equipped workshop. Some of them have been reliably making Alton greenhouses for over 40 years. Other more modern additions use CNC technology to give highly accurate results. Advances in machining and joinery technology have enabled for the first time a flatpacked greenhouse which actually takes no longer to assemble than the Alton Traditional range of fully glazed panels.

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Bar capping system – Most wooden Greenhouses have glass held in by a beading or a groove. The result of this can be that the glass ‘rattles’ in the frame. The Alton Evolution’s newly developed bar capping system uses the toughened glass as an integral part of the overall strength of the greenhouse by gripping it tightly. When you feel the greenhouse, there is little or no movement in it and you can see that it is far stronger (and you don’t get a rattling sound from the glass).

Wooden capping    Guttering    Mortice and tenon joints   Roof


Available in five different widths, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft

Alton Evolution Five - Cedar Greenhouses 5ft wideAlton Evolution Six - Cedar Greenhouses 6ft wideAlton Evolution Eight - Cedar Greenhouses 8ft wideAlton Evolution Ten - Cedar Greenhouses 10ft wideAlton Evolution Twelve - Cedar Greenhouses 12ft wide

The toughened safety glass overlaps at eaves – This is a great feature and allows the water from the roof glass to run straight into the guttering. Again this means that no water is running over the cedar wood – removing another potentially vulnerable area. Included on every model regardless of which kind of capping you choose; standard Cedar bar cpping of the optional powder coated aluminium bar capping – which can be purchased as an upgrade.

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Staging an shelving is available for your greenhouse, designed specifically for the Evolution range. This is a quality, sturdy accessory. Running the full length of the building, the shelves and stagings are extremely useful, and increase your greenhouse capacity. Finished in an attractive moss green powder coated aluminium with sturdy brackets & braces.



The included Guttering – Takes the water away and allows you to collect it. Included on every model regardless of which kind of capping you choose.

Metal base – This keeps the wood well away from the base where water can sit. Plus this unique design feature allows the glass to sit directly onto the metal base – which means that the side water is not running onto the wood. The Metal base is included on every model.

Mortice and tenon joints – The Cleverly designed jointing system on the Evolution has the dual benefit of making assembly straight forward and adding strength to the framework.

Frame – The frame is made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, which is extremely high in natural preservative oils which, even without further artificial treatment, make it virtually immune from decay.

Call and see our display buildings here at Birstall, shop online, or telephone 0800 085 0005 to speak with one of our Alton Greenhouse experts.

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