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Alton Cedar Summerhouses

A whole new concept for a Cedar Summerhouse…

Since 1921, Alton has been at the forefront of the cedar greenhouse market. Now, for 2017, these attractive summerhouses are flying the flag for the Alton principles: traditional design ideas given a clean, modern and beautifully finished look that will be a real centrepiece in your garden.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Alton summerhouses really stand out from the crowd. 100% made in the UK, including the intricate Georgian windows. Throughout the design, ease of self-assembly has been thought through, and we do more joinery in our workshops to make assembly easier on site, for example all the roof bars are tenoned at both ends so that they connect easily to the eaves and to a bespoke galvanised roof boss.

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Western Red Cedar Cladding

All the cladding, windows, doors and external trims are made form 100% Western Red Cedar from Canada. This is the traditional timber used for garden buildings and greenhouses because it is very stable (doesn’t warp or twist) and extremely naturally resistant to rot. The colour of cedar varies naturally within the same tree between almost white through pinky orange colours to a rich brown colour. All these natural colours are on display on your summerhouse as we don’t mask them by putting on any stain or paint.

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Factory Treatment

We treat all these summerhouses with an oil based wood protector in our workshops, however the treatment is completely clear so that it doesn’t ruin the natural appearance of the wood. You can, of course, treat your summerhouse if you want it to be a particular colour, but if you leave it to naturally mature, it will go an attractive silvery-grey colour which can look quite in place in your garden. You can retreat with clear protector any time to increase the lifespan, but even if you don’t treat it again your cedar should last for many years as long as you keep it clean. For the longest possible life, we recommend that you apply an oil based treatment every three years and clean it every year.

Georgian Windows & Doors

Made in our own workshops by craftsmen from Western red cedar and glazed with toughened safety glass. Also internally glazed which gives you a more attractive appearance from the outside.

Top Quality Door & Window Furniture

All in a satin-chrome finish, the window catches, door hinges, bolts and door hooks are of a noticeably higher quality than the industry standard.

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Felt Roof as Standard

Every summerhouse comes with red mineral felt included. This felt may require replacing every few years if it is exposed to the weather.

Optional Cedar Slatted Roof

The optional cedar slatted roof not only makes your summerhouse more attractive, it also covers over the roofing felt and cedar trims at the bottom of the roof. This means that your felt will not be exposed to the elements and therefore will last for far longer. We highly recommend this option as great value for money in the long run.

Locking Door

Whether single or double, your summerhouse door will be fitted with a proper 3 lever mortice lock so you can lock your contents away.

Heavy Duty Tanalised Flooring

Alton Summerhouses include thick 19mm floorboards. This gives a solid floor and, because both the joists underneath and the floorboards themselves are tanalised pressure treated, they are resistant to rot.

Redwood Framing

The internal framework of your summerhouse is made from redwood of various thickness including 69 x 44mm for the roof joists. Roof joists are machined at both ends and fit together easily with the purposely designed galvanised steel boss which is both strong and makes the assembly far easier because everything lines up so well.

Plywood Roof

The plywood roof gives a nice neat surface to the inside of the roof and creates less of a ‘shed’ feel than boards which are used on other kinds of summerhouse. Made from natural hardwoods, the colour can vary which creates a similar effect to the way the cedar cladding has various colours.

Extra Wide Corner Caps

The roof trims and side corner trims are all shaped and cut to size, and pre-drilled. This saves time, makes self-assembly easier and automatically creates a neater finish to the building. The extra wide side corner trims are profiled to fit the corner and the extra-wide width will cover most of the cladding nails that are near to the edge of the panel, so it makes for a far more attractive building. Many other summerhouses on the market provide a thin flat cap for the corners (you can understand why – the ones that we make can cost up to six times as much) A proper wide capping like this will last longer and look good for years.

Stainless Steel Fixings

All the nails in the cladding and all the externally used screws that we provide are stainless steel. This helps to prevent unsightly black stains dribbling from rusty nails that you see on most sheds after a year or two (particularly with cedar wood which is naturally acidic).

Base preparation

We recommend that you prepare a nice firm level base for your new summerhouse. Level paving slabs would be ideal.

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Assembly service

All Alton summerhouses are delivered in pre-assembled panels for a straightforward self assembly. A lot of thought has gone into the design to enable it to be easily assembled on site. For example, the unique ridge bracket has a little lip that slots into the roof bars to ensure that they can only be assembled in the correct way first time. All the doors and windows are glazed and fitted. You don’t need joinery skills to assemble an Alton Summerhouse, all the difficult bits are done in the factory. If you would prefer to have your summerhouse professionally assembled, then we can quote for that service for you – please call 0800 085 0005

How are they delivered?

Your summerhouse will be delivered in a palletised format, and is therefore officially a kerbside delivery.


Your summerhouse will be factory treated in a clear, oil based wood protector, this will enable the natural cedar colours to show through beautifully when your building is new. In time, the wood will naturally weather to a silvery-grey colour, which is how many customers like to keep their summerhouse for a natural look. You can of course paint or stain your summerhouse as soon as you get it or after a year or so when it has weathered down.


All the external areas of wood on your summerhouse (except the floor which is tanalised redwood) are made from Western red Cedar. A timber famed for its natural resistance to rot. We recommend that you clean the summerhouse every year to avoid any build up of Algae, and re-apply a good oil-based treatment every two or three years. If you have a felt roof, this may need replacing every few years.


Your Alton Summerhouse comes with a 10 year structural frame guarantee. Moving parts have a 12 months guarantee. Exclusions include: glazing, wind damage, labour and accidental damage.

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