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Garden Furniture Aftercare

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Hardwoods ... Good quality hardwood furniture is an investment and requires little maintenance. Most furniture leaves the factories fine sanded and untreated. Treatment is not essential as wood is naturally oily, but as part of the weathering process small cracks and splits will inevitably appear particularly on the end grain as the oils and minerals in the wood evaporate. Garden furniture is designed with this in mind and its strength and durability remain unaffected. The furniture may be left untreated and will weather to a soft silvery grey over a period of a few months. However, an occasional wipe or scrub down with warm water and Timber Cleaner, followed by a light applications of Timber Treatment or Teak Oil will help to retain the original colour.
Iroko and Teak are two types of timber that are best suited for the construction of quality garden furniture. Hardwoods come mainly from West Africa and Indonesia, and in order to support a healthy timber industry, every effort is made to ensure that the timber is derived from renewable sources and sustainable forests.

New untreated Teak and Iroco is a light sandy colour

After several months of weathering the wood becomes silvery grey

Weathered colours can be changed by applying our various Cleaners and Restorers

Iroko ... Iroko is a strong and durable hardwood obtained mainly from West Africa. Skilled woodworkers have always produced high quality hardwood furniture from kiln dried and machined Iroko. The timber will withstand all weather conditions, treated or untreated and is naturally resilient to changes in climate

Teak ... Teak has the same properties as Iroko - it is extremely durable and will tolerate any weather conditions without treatment. Universally accepted as the perfect wood for garden furniture, teak requires little maintenance and retains its elegance whilst mellowing with age and blending quietly with its surroundings.

Stainless Steel ... Stainless Steel is easy to maintain. A simple wash with soap or mild detergent and warm water, followed by a clear water rinse is normally sufficient.

Softwood ... Most softwood furniture is built with durable and long lasting European Redwood. Regular treatment with an exterior wood preservative will extend the life of the timber and retain the appearance. Softwood should be treated annually with an oil or water based preservative.

Resin ... Modern light weight garden furniture is made of resin - it's maintenance free, waterproof and UV resistant. To clean simply use a mild cleaner and a damp cloth.

Cast Garden Furniture ... General cleaning should be done using a sponge and lukewarm natural soapy water. Spillages can be removed using lukewarm natural soapy water and a soft bristled brush. After any cleaning process rinse any soap off with cold clean water. Avoid using chemical treatments, pressure hoses or abrasives. Care should also be taken not to drag the furniture, hit it with sharp objects or allow strong acidic or alkaline based liquids onto the exterior paint surfaces. It is best to place hot objects on a mat and not directly onto the painted surface.