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Konnected Joe – The Future of Outdoor Cooking – Kamado Joe

The future of outdoor cooking has arrived:

The world’s most advanced ceramic grill & smoker has moved forward into the digital WiFi connected age..

Including VAT & FREE Mainland UK Delivery
The UK’s 1st Stock of Kamado Joe Konnected Joes have landed…

We’re asked about the price when a new product launches, and have calculated the benefits of the NEW Konnected Joe
Given an electric charcoal lighter such as a Looft Lighter is £ 65 | A Meater WiFi thermometer meat probe £ 119
An iKammand App controlled combustion fan £ 229 & The upgraded wheeled cart & shelf £ 250
NONE of these accessories (£ 663) are required with the NEW Konnected Joe
Konnected Joe is + £ 470 above the price of a Classic Joe II @ £ 1,529 – this amazing grill has it all.. built in..

Exclusive.. Team Birstall’s Grace AKA Pitmaster G. popped over to Paris for BBQ EXPO for the day to grab a 90 second scoop with Chef Eric Gephart and private walk-through of the amazing NEW Kamado Joe KONNECTED JOE

(AFS) Automatic Fire Starter:

Built in heating coil, sets charcoal ablaze with the push of a button
Konnected Joe needs to plugged into a mains socket to benefit from, and use these Konnected features
Actual cooking & smoking takes place over CHARCOAL as you would in a regular Kamado Joe – it’s up to you how you choose to use it..

Digital Kontrol Board:

Monitors and adjusts the flavour & temperature of charcoal with digital precision, using the WiFi APP or at the grill panel. Setting up for various cooking modes – Griddle |  JoeTisserie | DoJoe | Roasting | Grilling | Low-n-slow are now super easy, the panel informs you what to do with the top and bottom vents, when to open & close the lid. Simply set the temperature, and get alerts & temperature graphs on screen 

Kontrol Fan:

Effortlessly controls air flow for you, maintaining the consistent temperature you have set on the board or via your APP

Meat Probe Monitor Built-In:

Digitally monitor 3 separate meat probes, on screen & via the APP (1 Probe Included, additional 2 can be added)

Konnected Joe is out of the box compatible with all Kamado Joe Classic Accessories, Cooking Surfaces & Grates, JoeTisserie, DoJoe Pizza Oven, Karbon Steel Cookware

This innovation will change the way we cook outdoors – The Konnected Joe by Kamado Joe, The Future of Outdoor Cooking


Including VAT & FREE Mainland UK Delivery



Including VAT & FREE Mainland UK Delivery




CALL 0116 267 7091 To Discuss Konnected Joe or call and see us for a coffee
Where we have EVERY Kamado Joe on display
And working models in our BASECAMP  BBQ COOK SCHOOL Including KONNECTED JOE


How To Convert KamadoSpace Infinite Island Outdoor Kitchen – To House Konnected Joe as a Stand-Alone model

Read our dedicated BLOG on how to convert an existing KamadoSpace Table, to use with Konnected Joe 


Published April 13th, 2023 by Jordan. Article ref 8603

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