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The Gardener In Winter

winter box

Well, these colder months need not prevent you from getting your growing fix; there are vegetables and herbs that you can sow now to get a head start on the growing season, as well as some fantastic microgreens and sprouts that can be grown on your windowsill and harvested in as little as one week.

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How To Insulate Your Greenhouse With Bubble Wrap

greenhouse in winter

At this time of year, when the days are cool and nights even colder, it makes sense to conserve as much heat as you can in the greenhouse. Read our guide of how you can easily insulate your greenhouse using bubble wrap.

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Make Your Own Holly Wreath

holly wreath

Whilst it can be tempting to buy a ready-made wreath to deck your bows this Christmas, making one yourself is twice as festive

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How to attract winter birds to the garden

image of winter birds

Winter can often be the easiest time of year to attract birds to your garden, as they often need a little more help when it comes to surviving the winter months. Our guide shows the various birds you can attract and the food needed in order to do this

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Quality Oak Interior Furniture

Our brief in selecting this exciting new range was “Keep it simple” offer quality oak interior furniture, from large stocks at great value prices, weather it be for your Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Playroom or Study. We are proud to offer two styles of furniture

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HeatBeam Radiant Terrace Heaters Commercial Quality Restaurant Bar & Domestic Patio Heaters

HEATBEAMS are based on an innovative radiant heat concept developed and produced exclusively in Germany. Unlike traditional infrared heaters, HEATBEAM does NOT emit any intrusive red / orange light and features a unique ADJUSTABLE HEAT functionality.

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Vegetables to sow in February

Baby carrots are a great spring vegetable; again either a conservatory or a greenhouse will help your carrots grow. They won’t be ready until May but when you pull them they will be root free.

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Boosting Wildlife in Your Garden

Creating areas for wildlife to live and nest is one way of making animals feel welcome in your garden. Different habitats will attract a variety of wildlife to your garden. The most common wildlife in any garden is insects, they help keep your garden healthy, pollinate plants, eat other insects and also provide food for birds. Some simple ideas that can help:

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Chance Of Snow? Time For Some Winter Fun – Get Ready And Be Prepared!

Snow forecast on the horizon? Make sure you are prepared so that you don’t miss out on all the winter fun!

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Cold Weather Calls For: Logs, Log Stores and Wood Burning Stoves!

Log burners have been used for hundreds of years to keep homes warm, and while open fires do the job, wood burning stoves are far more efficient on fuel consumption and heat output.

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