Gloster Marlborough Lutyens Bench 75% OFF

Special Offer Gloster Marlborough Bench

Save £ 1,500 off the £ 1,999 RRP . Now Just £ 499

Estate items are manufactured using kiln dried mahogany timber and are hand painted with multiple coats of marine grade paint to give a hard wearing and durable outdoor finish. Prior to painting the mahogany is washed to remove some of the natural red colouring from the surface. It is then painted filling coats and final coats. Between each application the furniture is sanded to create a high gloss, glass-like finish. The paint used is manufactured by Sikkens/Akzo Nobel, a world wide renowned supplier of marine paints and lacquers
All Estate items are designed for full outdoor use but in the knowledge they will behave outdoors as all painted wood furniture or joinery would do.

Estate solid mahogany construction 6ft 6″ Marlborough Bench with white finish.


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Published March 20th, 2014 by Jordan. Article ref 2558

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